About UpSavr

Save Money

UpSavr is a savings and investment platform designed for people who want to make the world a better place. By making everyday purchases from local UpSavr merchants and vendors, members receive discounts off the retail price that go directly and immediately into their savings. Money is contributed at point of sale by participating merchants as a way to show their appreciation for your continued business.

Members can also set round-up rules to complement merchant payments with their own money. Increments may be chosen from preset menus or tailored to fit, and can be adjusted on the fly. UpSavr can also be used to make larger investments to meet tax saving deadlines or to deposit funds from a windfall, sale, or inheritance.

While you have the ability to withdraw your savings at any time, we encourage you to keep your money with UpSavr. You’re building something bigger than yourself, and the bigger the community gets, the more we can change for the better — invite ten friends, and get ten times the impact.

Save the World

All savings are initially placed in one to three ethical investment funds:

  1. UpSavr Environmental Impact Fund™
  2. UpSavr Social Justice Fund™
  3. UpSavr Global Governance Fund™

Each fund is owned by Adventu Financial Technologies through WealthBar, now CI Direct Investing, who follow a strong Responsible Investment Policy that addresses the integration of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) factors into the investment decision-making process.

At regular intervals, based on individually-chosen managed fund options, savings will be deposited into one or several socially- and sustainably-responsible tax-deferred long-term investment accounts. Depending on the financial vehicle, funds may be drawn as needed, or for specific uses, such as education, a first-time home purchase, and retirement.

Good Vibes

UpSavr is more than just a personal savings and investment app — it can also be used to earn a Good Vibes Score, contribute money to impact projects, and make donations to registered charities, local food banks, and homeless individuals who have an UpSavr deposit card.

If granted permission, UpSavr can award behaviour points, which go to your Good Vibes Score, based on positive daily habits, such as walking, biking, boarding, and taking public transportation to a place of business to reduce carbon impacts.

UpSavr also rewards members when they share merchant offers with friends and family, and can receive commissions for new merchant referrals. 

Members can start ‘Cash Mobs’, which are flash mobs for group purchases, to create your own ‘Vote With Your Dollars’ movement to support local merchants, causes, and charities.

Adventu is actively developing relationships with other points-based networks to look for values-aligned affinities, as well as charitable impact organizations.

Safe + Secure

UpSavr does not support surveillance capitalism, and uses vigorous security to ensure personal member information and financial data is protected in every aspect of the app environment. UpSavr does not collect or store private information in any way, and uses high-level encryption for all ‘in-flight’ and ‘at-rest’ data.

UpSavr uses Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) to exchange authentication and authorization data between our application partners, and to support single sign-on (SSO) within the app. In plain language, SSO is your one secure password, and SAML is the glue that binds it all together.