January 29, 2016

About Adventu

David Laulainen

David Laulainen  CEO – Entrepreneurial business leader with 25+ years in branding and marketing, product development, and sustainable design. With a reputation for being highly collaborative and socially-responsible, David places a high value on the idea that business is about relationships, and that organizations succeed when they are customer-centred, accountable, and authentic.

Evan Leeson

Evan Leeson CTO – Digital technology innovator with 20+ years team leadership, enterprise application development, online community building, online fundraising, and digital strategy. Deep experience in building application platforms for diverse clients on many scales across the public and private sectors. Best-in-class enterprise media monitoring innovator. Evan has a Masters Degree from the University of Victoria.


Dan Pollock  Chief Data Scientist —­ A PhD candidate in mathematics with a long career managing fundraising, and data strategy for political parties. As a business owner Dan has worked with issues of scalability and machine learning, algorithm development, data visualization, and digital strategy.