About Adventu

Adventu Financial Technologies Inc. is an ethical Canadian financial management company committed to technology development that facilitates sustainable, socially-responsible investments. 

UpSavr™ is Adventu’s first responsible investment platform, designed to leverage Millennial and Gen-Z spending habits to build massive investment in good business. 

The initiative to create UpSavr comes from the founders’ personal experience and a recognition that often young people feel disenfranchised with the world. As older changemakers, we feel we have a responsibility to ensure their voices are heard.

Many young people share with us that they see few reasons to save money for a future that may not be there for them. They cite issues of unaffordable or unattainable home ownership, climate change and environmental degradation, enormous student debt, a financial industry that panders to them, and a political environment that makes decisions often counter to their values all as contributing factors to why they feel this way.

UpSavr connects these issues to a positive financial alternative — save money to save the world — create a long-term savings account and invest in businesses who are committed to improve the state of the world through positive environmental impacts, social justice, and equitable governance policy. 

We know from speaking with young people is that their motivation to improve their own lives is inclusive of how they support disadvantaged groups. Fairness and social justice means a lot to them, which is why UpSavr is not only about saving money for themselves. For that reason, UpSavr also partners with not-for-profit organizations and charitable impact groups.

UpSavr leverages Millennial and Gen-Z buying power to create new long-term savings accounts, support local businesses, and place capital in ethical financial markets that have the ability to impact the world at a larger scale than they can on their own. UpSavr gives young people the power to make their voices heard by making sure that every purchase contributes to the greater good — a true ‘vote with your dollars’ program.

Adventu’s Management Team is:

  • David Laulainen, Business Lead, an entrepreneur with 25+ years in  teams, product development, marketing, and digital strategy
  • Evan Leeson, Technology Lead, an innovator with 25+ years in enterprise application development, communities, and fundraising
  • Russ Lazaruk, Investment Lead, Managing Director at NCP Capital Partners and Responsible Investment Association member

Adventu’s Advisory Board is in development.

For more information, to be considered for the Advisory Board, and to participate in a pre-release launch of UpSavr in Vancouver and Victoria, , please contact UpSavr@Adventu.io