Apps for ethical investment

Adventu Financial Technologies

Adventu is an ethical Canadian financial management company committed to technology development that facilitates sustainable, socially-responsible investments.

UpSavr – save money, save the world

UpSavr™ is Adventu’s first project under development. The UpSavr platform empowers anyone to turn daily spending habits into small investments that collect and build massive investment in companies that actively change the world for the better.

Here’s how it works. 

  • People join UpSavr for free through a smartphone app, the UpSavr website, or through select partner merchants and financial institutions.
  • Members make any regular, day-to-day purchase and a fraction of that purchase goes into their own UpSavr savings account that Adventu holds in an ethical fund portfolio
  • If a purchase is made with a vendor who is part of the UpSavr merchant network, members both receive a discount off the purchase price and get the cash amount of the discount immediately deposited into their UpSavr account by the merchant.
  • Members, in turn, support UpSavr merchant by sharing the offers with their friends and receive a ‘Good Vibes’ score based on how they support local businesses, impact projects, and charities. 

While the UpSavr platform was developed to encourage young people to save money for a future that they can believe in, anyone can use it to vote with their dollars and ensure every purchase they make is in alignment with their values.

Financial institution partners

Adventu’s financial technology platforms provide young people with opportunities to build long-term savings and investment in companies that support positive, progressive change. To register for a product demonstration and to learn more about our asset gathering strategy, please complete this two-section secure application.


Adventu begins Stage 2 seed investment for UpSavr on 01 July 2020 (Canada Day). We expect to raise $500,000 in new capital, held in Common shares, with at least one interim close, to bring UpSavr to three varied, real time test markets in British Columbia. For more information, and to schedule an investor presentation, please contact David Laulainen.