Invest While Shopping

The Adventu Advantage

Adventu pairs shopping and investing
giving digital natives a familiar way to secure their financial future.

delivers assets cheaply

Asset-gathering is expensive for financial institutions.

Adventu will provide a low cost conduit into tax-protected accounts like the RRSP in Canada.

This will create a new class of clients for financial insitutions.

New Retailer Platform

Adventu will marry shopping and investing.

Our platform will work well with existing retailer coupon and discount programmes.

Our app provides a social experience allowing users to share savings opportunities and achieve network effects for retailers.

partner ready

Adventu’s software will be a simple turn-key solution for existing financial institutions.

We have been in discussions with several financial institutions, particularly asset management firms, about their asset gathering challenges and requirements, possible partnerships, and investment.

Digital native ready

Digital natives demand online interaction, pristine user experience and social validation when making purchases.

Constant engagement with a flow of information via smartphones is a fully-formed microhabit.

Adventu’s app creates a new investor class by placing financial security within reach, in ways familiar to this soon-to-be highest purchasing power demographic.


Asset-gathering is an expensive process for financial institutions, making barriers to entry high for new players. Consequently, any innovation that can reduce the cost of asset gathering will be embraced, especially by new players.

Adventu is building this cost-saving technology – a turn-key solution for financial institutions, and a low-cost starting point for new players that will appeal to digital native users. The Adventu app will work continuously with users to identify opportunities for savings and investment from their profiles, without the high cost normally associated with asset gathering. This digital platform creates a stream of low-cost assets flowing into tax-free accounts.


Retailers are already using a variety of channels to distribute savings opportunities. Adventu's platform will align with existing methods of distributing coupons and discount codes while opening up new opportunities to incentivise shoppers.

By twinning shopping with investment, Adventu provides retailers with a new and exciting way to attract buyers from the digital native demographic. Retailers will benefit from being seen to help this demographic save and invest and secure their financial future. Research shows this demographic to be highly conscious of group uplift and this is an excellent way for retailers to make that connection.


For financial institutions already spending time and money on asset gathering and losing the battle to attract the digital native generation, developing a new one-off internal solution without broad appeal or scalable resources remains an expensive and risky challenge. The Adventu platform will be an inexpensive and easy-to-use turn-key solution to this major problem for existing financial institutions.

Our financial institution partners will be able to take advantage of Adventu's strategy of being a conduit for assets into tax-free investment accounts.


Habits are formed differently in different generations. Financial institutions are finding the digital native generation a difficult market to crack. By twinning shopping and investing, and making investing easy, fun and familiar, Adventu's app will build on the digital generation’s existing ways of consuming information and interacting. Over time this will form new microhabits that will help our users internalize the act of saving and investing. Our mission is to make ‘investing while shopping’ the new way to achieve financial security for the digital native.

Banks Want Millennial Customers

Our platform opens the digital generation to long-term savings and investment
Just 29 percent of Millennials are investing

The digital generation has not yet started to save for their future needs.

Financial institutions have not yet found the kind of financial products that will compel millennials to invest in the stock market and their own long-term future.

There are many reasons for this, but one big one is the lack of familiar tools. Adventu is bringing technologies that are immediately familiar and can succeed in opening this largely untapped market.

  • Percent of millennials investing
  • $2.7 Trillion

    Total income of North American Millenials

  • Investment required

    The average person should be saving twenty percent of their income

  • Market opportunity

    Total income that Millennials should be investing is $500bn


Adventu is powered by experience and expertise.
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Evan Leeson

CEO and Co-founder
Co-founder and CEO – Digital technology innovator with 20+ years experience in CEO and management roles across multiple businesses and geographies.
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Will Whittaker

CTO and Co-founder
CTO and Co-founder – Fifteen years experience as a programming team leader. Security and scalability expertise.
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Jonathan Smith

Researcher and Co-founder
Jonathan’s knowledge of linguistics provides us with key insights for our Machine Learning development.
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Dan Pollock

Data Analyst and Co-founder
Dan has deep knowledge in data analysis and mathematics, as well as networking and fundraising.

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